Thursday , 18 September 2014
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Cooperative banks in India

cb india

The cooperative banks in India started functioning almost 100 years ago. The cooperative bank is an important constituent of the Indian Financial system, judging by the role assigned to co operative, the expectations the co operative is supposed to fulfill, their number, and the number of offices the cooperative bank ... Read More »

English Grammar Test 24

eng 24

A.The chief Guest’s wife gave____the prizes 1. Off 2. Up 3. Away 4. Out B. Arun Reached home_____ did not find his mother there 1. And 2. But 3. Yet 4. Although C. ____ is the way to the public library? 1. How 2. What 3. Which 4. Where D. ... Read More »

General Knowledge Quiz of 17th September 2014


1. Rift valleys are formed due to 2. Mountain of accumulation is the name given to 3. The challenger rise is located in 4. Oceanic waves caused by an earthquake are called 5. The greatest known ocean deapth is 6. Where was the 1st parliamentary form of government formed? 7. ... Read More »

Current Affairs of 17th September 2014

ca 17

1. China keen on pushing reactors China’s new generation APC1000 reactors are expected to strengthen the talks between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Prime minister Narendra Modi. Both the leaders are expected to discuss the nuclear cooperation agreement on Wednesday. For this both the countries should come closer in developing ... Read More »

English Grammar Test-23


A. If I ___ you I would not stand this humiliation 1. Be 2.were 3. Am 4. Was B. The shopkeeper doest not have the toys I was looking___ 1. At 2. For 3. About 4. To C. The meeting was presided____by the PM 1.On 2. Upon 3. Up 4. ... Read More »

Current Affairs Quiz from 4th to 16th September 2014

ca 4-16

1. Rangaswamy cup is associated with A. Cricket B. Hockey C. Football D. Archery 2. The 2017 women’s world cup for cricket will be held in A. West Indies B. Australia C. Ireland D. India 3. The lady to win the wimbledon title successfully 9 times was A. Monika Seles ... Read More »

General Knowledge Quiz of 16th September 2014

gk 16

1. The name of world’s second space tourist 2. The 1st indian to swim across English Channel was 3. The former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 4. The 1st recipient of Nehru award was 5. The only Indian to win nobel prize in physics 6. Sahitya Akademi Award ... Read More »

Current Affairs of 16th September 2014

ca 16

1. Gadkari for better waterways As India’s waterways could contribute at least 2% of the India’s GDP , Union Shipping Minster Mr. Nitin Gadkari outlined an ambitious agenda for the development of India’s Waterways.  The government is planning to introduce sea planes, water buses, hover crafts and floating hotels to ... Read More »

Current Affairs of 15th September 2014

15 ca

1. Amid epidemic fears, health miniater proposes floating clinics for Kashmir Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan proposed that boats should be mobilised to send first aid , medicines and other necessary equipment to the flooded areas of Kashmir where no mode of transportation exists except boats. 2. Lung cancer cases ... Read More »

English Grammar Test-22

eng 22

A. He is willing to make a concession ____ he demands of his employees 1. for 2. on 3. with 4. to B. The teacher is angry ____ ravi 1. of 2. upon 3. with 4. on C. I did ____ I could which wasn’t much 1. that 2. what ... Read More »